SX Business Employee Spotlight on Jennifer Dort, Senior Accounts Payable Team Leader

A graduate of Needham High School, Jenn attended Aquinas College and graduated with a degree in Executive Business Administration. After graduation, she worked for Viewpoint Creative, a Boston based Video Production Agency as their Office & Human Resources Manager for 19+ years. When the desire for change inspired her, she struck out and relocated to New Hampshire. She spent the next 5 years enjoying their state moto “Live Free or Die”, owning a motorcycle, surf fishing, and four-wheeling.

To all of our benefit, the desire to be closer to family and friends instigated her move back to Massachusetts. Shortly after her return, her sister Christine, SX’s VP of Accounting, recruited her to come work here. Jenn is now entering her 5th year with SX.

What do you like most about working for SX Business?

“What I like most about working here is the company culture, finding a work environment where I feel comfortable is key. We have a strong and cohesive AP team here that makes it possible to tackle all the challenges. We just don’t “pay the bills”, there are so many facets to this job.”

In her downtime, she loves playing cards, watching reality TV, cooking Italian food, all things Elvis, drinking Mai Tais and Martinis. She is looking forward to country concerts coming back and brushing off her boots. Castle Island in Southie is a favorite place to visit for the people watching, ocean walks, and the onion rings. In the near future she is hoping to visit both Iceland and England.

If you could have any other job what would it be?

“My dream job would be to drive a passenger van with our senior population and take them to all the happy places around the area. All the while, singing ‘Shine on Harvest Moon’.” J

Jenn is a sister, an auntie to four nephews, a survivor, a member of the best friend group the “Fab Five” (as they like to call themselves) and of course a valuable member of our SX Business Services Team!

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